California workers, beware! There’s a ballot initiative being put in front of California voters in the November 2024 election that is harmful …

A recent NLRB case against a video game company brings to light one common way corporations try to stop union formation.

By Helen Halldorsson, Esq. & Marcelo Lopez  The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 Current Population Survey revealed that Black women working

When an employee is terminated or laid off, their employer may offer them a severance payment, which is compensation given to an employee upon leaving the company. However, the employee usually has to sign a complex severance agreement in order to get the payment.

California is well-known for having strong protections for employees who have suffered retaliation at work.

If you are the victim of a hostile work environment at work, you may be wondering how you can prove that you’re suffering a hostile work environment that meets the standard for legally actionable harassment claim.

The final blog in our 3-part series about the California Equal Pay Act and Fair Pay Act.

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Happy New Year! In California, a new year often brings new laws protecting employees. Let’s dive into one that applies

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