Our Approach

To client service and communications

At Valerian Law, P.C., we believe that you should play an integral role in your own case. Below are core pillars we integrate into our practice and our approach to ensure you are empowered through teamwork with us:


Legal procedures are stressful. With the average lawsuit spanning 3-5 years, we understand if you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. At Valerian Law, we do everything possible to empathize with your unique circumstances and shift legal strategies accordingly.


Every member of our team believes in access to justice regardless of your background and resources. We strive to remove barriers so that you, regardless of disability, finances, language, and other differences, can have access to top-notch legal representation. 

Access and Accountability

You can come to us for expertise and support through difficult times. Our senior attorneys are accessible to and accountable to you every step of the way and set the tone for the rest of the team. Every Valerian Law team member has responsibility and accountability to you and the team.


Teamwork and Mutual Respect

We approach client engagements as collaborations where we respect your objectives and get your input, while you respect and trust our expertise. While we take the idea of “client-centric” seriously, we also expect our clients to receive legal guidance with an open mind. And while we do the heavy lifting, we expect clients to pitch in when needed.  “Teamwork” means mutual respect and mutual accountability.

Adapting to Client Circumstances

Over the course of a lawsuit, extenuating circumstances might arise that demand extra attention. The Valerian Law team understands that you may face other challenges in your life and have different capacities to handle casework. As our cases and clients evolve, we do our best to adapt with them. 

Communicating With Clients 

At Valerian Law, we offer tailored approaches to engage a wide variety of clientele. 

We can speak with you via phone, email, text message, Zoom and in-person.
Your preferences are important to us and we want to give you the opportunity to meet with us – on your terms.