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2022 Wage & Hour Litigation and Management Conference
Bridgeport Continuing Education

October 7, 2022

The Wage and Hour landscape continues to shift, with major developments in federal and state law this year thanks to seismic decisions from the U.S. and California Supreme Courts, along with new legislation and administrative guidance. Bridgeport’s annual conference explores and explains in-depth, the critical and changing aspects of Wage & Hour law litigation. Expert panelists will discuss up-to-the-minute topics such as PAGA after Viking River; case selection and evaluation; the use of experts in Wage & Hour litigation; and more.  Successful trial counsel will share strategies for taking wage and hour cases across the finish line and winning. Panelists will also discuss the rules and approaches you can use to successfully mediate and settle cases, and how to make sure those settlements stick. The unique format for the conference allows for interactive discussion and debate. The program is chaired by Sharon Ongerth Rossi of Rogers Joseph O’Donnell and Xinying Valerian of Valerian Law.


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