What Our Clients Say

You cannot change your judge or jury, but you can choose your lawyer. In your time of difficulty, we are on your side.

We are grateful for the many clients who have trusted us to fight for them throughout the years. Here is just a small sample of the positive feedback our clients have shared about us.

My experience with Xinying Valerian — from Eddie, Client

Xinying and her team were on the ball from day one. Not once did I feel lost or in doubt. I received updates on a weekly and sometimes daily schedule. I felt confident through the entire process that I had a winning combo on my side. Xinying is genuine and efficient. Just as I was mentally preparing myself for a tedious chore, it was over. Case resolved! I highly recommend Ms. Valerian to anyone in need of a great attorney without hesitation.

Smart, Talented & Experienced Lawyer — from Client

I hired Xinying to represent me in a claim against a former employer. At the time I contacted Xinying, I’d just been laid off from my high paying position due to unlawful discrimination, and as the sole provider for my family, my situation was dire. Xinying contacted me within hours of my first message and set up a call with me the same day. She put together a team which included another attorney and a legal assistant, and together they worked tirelessly in resolving my claim. Xinying’s thorough understanding of the law as well as her years of experience as plaintiff’s counsel allowed her to clearly identify the legal claims applicable to my case, and make strategic decisions that resulted in the best possible outcome on my behalf. She and her team were responsive, efficient, possessed a high attention to detail and produced a superior work product each and every time. Xinying is both smart and savvy in dealing with opposing counsel, and was able to get my case on schedule with a highly skilled mediator who assisted in reaching an excellent resolution of my claim. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Best Employment and Labor Law Attorney when I Needed One — from Client

Xinying as a Senior Litigation Counsel from Sanford Heisler Kimpel represented me successfully in a discrimination and wrongful termination case against a former employer in 2015. I first approached Xinying for advice with my complaint in a public interest seminar where she was giving a talk on labor law. She listened to me carefully, took notes, asked questions that impressed me with her grasp of law. Once hired, Xinying and her team supported me with timely and concise guidance every step of the way. She built the case into a strong narrative that told my story through drafted complaint and witness declarations. She was so thoughtful that she wrote protection clauses for my future employment interest into the final resolution. Having her and her firm on my side made me not afraid in facing the intransigent opposing side. Without Xinying and her firm, I could never have gotten the justice in my case. If I need employment law assistance again, she will be the first one I turn to. For all you did, Xinying, I am very grateful.

Intent Listener, Empathizer, and Consultant – from Client

I’m so glad I was referred to Xinying, by a close friend. From the get-go, she was a great communicator, listened intently to my situation and how it was impacting me. She provided guidance on how to approach the situation, communicating in a style that I understood (not legal speak), and giving concrete actions, so that I can take the best action for me. I greatly appreciate her guidance. Thank you, Xinying!

Extremely Knowledgeable, Professional, Helpful, and Honest — from Potential Client

Of the different firms I’ve consulted in seeking to find representation for my misclassification/wage-and-hour issue I’ve been having, Attorney Valerian, by a landslide, was the most knowledgeable, honest, hospitable, and professional of the lot. She went out of her way to make sure I understood every step of the process, that all my questions were answered, and spent considerable time assuaging any concerns I had regarding different strategies I was thinking of pursuing.

A genuine, honest person and an even better attorney. You can sleep well at night regarding your legal matter knowing Attorney Valerian is on your side.

Dominic Valerian, Attorney at Law — from Client

Dominic is an excellent lawyer. He has a pleasant demeanor, is a quick thinker and knows the law in that he can think outside the box with assurity , without being abrupt. He has respect for others in his field which is very apparent. In our professional dealings with Dominic, he has proven to gain our complete confidence.

Highly Recommended — from Mandy, Client

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Valerian to litigate an unfair debt collection lawsuit. Mr. Valerian was responsive in the form of continuous updates on my case via email and phone calls. He was available after hours to answer any questions or concerns that I had regarding my case. He respected my privacy and only requested what was needed to litigate in a professional manner. His tactics for seeking the truth were persistent, and commendable. I am happy to say the case settled fairly. This could not have been accomplished without Mr. Valerian’s hard work and dedication. I highly recommend him as an attorney if you are looking for a high standard of counsel for your situation.

Incredibly honest and fair billing — from Greg, Client

In consulting with Dominic on a very small matter, to my pleasant surprise, he didn’t try to incorporate extensive attorney fees. It was short and sweet! I can count on one hand the number of lawyers that would forgo fees in the light of proper legal advice in litigation matters. Dominic, you rock!

Competent and dedicated resource — from Client

I have consulted with Dom on a number of contracts and legal questions and he has proven to be very knowledgeable and gives solid advice. Dom takes time to analyze the request/issue in question and I appreciate his willingness to break down the law in an easy to understand manner.

Our Approach

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