Past Case Results

Our recent past cases include:

Executive v. Tech Company

Engineering executive worked approximately 1.5 years and resisted unethical practices, terminated on pretext of behavioral misconduct.

Result: Prelitigation settlement of $418,000 severance plus substantial stock options

Office employee v. Bay Area firm

Longtime employee lost job after going on medical leave. Also alleged overtime violations.

Result: $500,000 settlement after a moderate amount of litigation.

Whistleblower v. Bay Area Employer

Whistleblower employed for 6 months alleged retaliatory firing after external whistleblowing.

Result: $500,000 settlement after litigation.

Employee v. Tech Company

Sales rep alleged unpaid wages.

Result: Post-trial settlement award totaling $798,000.

Employee v. Tech Company

Female HR manager alleged pregnancy and gender discrimination in pay and promotion.

Result: Prelitigation settlement of $450,000

Casteel v. Alaska Airlines, Inc.

Multi-million dollar Private Attorney General Act relief and programmatic relief to improve the ability of workers to speak freely about their working conditions, achieved without litigation.

Brooke v. Aurora Behavioral Healthcare-Santa Rosa, LLC and Signature Healthcare Services, LLC

Multi-million dollar Private Attorney General Act outcome and programmatic relief relating to workplace health and safety at the Santa Rosa behavioral hospital and substantial whistleblower settlement.

Banner v. Covenant Aviation Security, LLC

Class action settlement and companywide business practice changes relating to pregnancy accommodations for airport security workers.

Chen v. Chase Bank

Consumer class action settlement for Equal Credit Opportunity Act nondisclosure claim

Student Borrower v. For-Profit Education firm

Valerian Law P.C.’s client, Ms. Cacoya Hall, has resolved her potential claims arising under California law against Flockjay and New Epona, Inc., d/b/a Blair. Ms. Hall, a former Flockjay student, claimed that Flockjay entered into deferred tuition agreements (DTAs) on Blair’s platform without approval to operate from the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, and that the related marketing, DTAs, and educational programming were unlawful in other respects. Flockjay and Blair expressly deny those allegations as well as any liability in connection with Ms. Hall’s claims. Flockjay has agreed to cancel all remaining DTA obligations entered into with California resident obligors and Blair has agreed that it will not engage in any DTA-related operations for two years. Ms. Hall is represented by attorneys Dominic Valerian and Xinying Valerian.


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