Alex Li

Legal Assistant

alex li

Alex Li is a Legal Assistant at Valerian Law.

Prior to joining Valerian Law, he worked with children from underserved communities through AmeriCorps, and also worked during the Covid-19 pandemic as a custodian for Portland Public Schools, where he was member of SEIU503, a 72,000-member local union. He is passionate about labor issues and helping to ensure workers are fairly compensated and treated.

Alex graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Reed College in 2019 with a BA in Anthropology. At Reed, Alex worked as a peer writing tutor at the academic support center and served a term as the editor of Reed’s undergraduate Anthropology journal, Radicle. As a contributor to Radicle, Alex also authored papers on the politics of India’s railroads and animal rights advocacy.

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Justice is the sum of all moral duty.
-William Godwin