PAGA protects california workers

Don’t Believe the Naysayers: PAGA Protects California Workers

California workers, beware! There’s a ballot initiative being put in front of California voters in the November 2024 election that is harmful to workers’ rights cause. The ballot initiative will weaken a longstanding law that protects you from wage theft and other unfair practices. This law is called PAGA (the Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004), and it’s under attack by big companies who want to make it harder for you to hold them accountable.

What is PAGA?

Imagine you’re not paid for overtime, or you are forced to skip your meal breaks. Or, imagine that you’ve been misclassified as exempt, or as a contractor rather than an employee. 

You could sue your employer, but that’s expensive and risky. 

PAGA gives you another option: take up the law enforcement power of the government as a “private attorney general” fighting for not just yourself, but all workers who faced similar issues. This levels the playing field and makes it easier to win justice. 

If you were denied overtime pay or were not properly paid for your work, do not hesitate to contact us at Valerian Law. You may be able to file a lawsuit against your employer to collect compensation for unpaid wages, and additional damages.

Why are they trying to weaken PAGA?

Big companies claim PAGA is unfair to them because it allows for big penalties. But here’s the truth:

  • PAGA helps workers: Since 2004, workers have recovered millions of dollars in unpaid wages and penalties thanks to PAGA. That’s real money in real people’s pockets.
  • PAGA encourages companies to follow the law: The threat of getting sued makes companies think twice before breaking labor laws. This benefits everyone!
  • PAGA helps when the government is slow: It can take years for the government to investigate workplace violations. PAGA allows workers to get justice faster.

Don’t be fooled by misinformation:

Big companies are spreading lies about PAGA to get voters to approve the ballot initiative. They want to gut the existing law while pretending that doing so would help workers. Don’t believe them! PAGA is a valuable tool for workers, and we need you to protect it.

What you can do:

Remember: PAGA is there to protect you. Don’t let big companies take away your rights! Together, we can ensure fair pay and hold employers accountable! For more information or to discuss your case, contact Valerian Law today.